Rental & Download support?
Indielane.tv rental & download support is provided bij Distrify.

Who’s it for?
Indielane.tv is for creators who want to be independent with their creations and earn some honest money maintain that creativity. Music, movies, documentaries, series and all kinds of entertainment, all are welcome. Feel free to tell us what we haven’t thought of. Indielane.tv is for those who do not want to go mainstream or are rejected by the mainstream. Indielane.tv offers creators the portal to start up free and with personal advice and agreements to make money for their creations. Indielane.tv promotes and sells only what you, as a creator, agree that we should, and we do it the way you think we should. Or we don’t do it at all.

On the other hand we depend also on the public. And the goal of Indielane.tv is to connect the public world wide with the creators. Indielane.tv is THE channel for the free minded and people who inspire creators to do more.


Can I as a creator influence the presentation and distribution of my work?
Yes. Indielane.tv works for you and with you as a creator. Each creator gets a 1 on 1 accompaniment. Step by step we will promote and guide you to get your work out there in front of the people who love it, in the way you want it to be seen.


Indielane.tv and sponsoring.
A sponsor on Indielane.tv is an Indie supporter and entrepreneur. Being a sponsor means people who stand and help maintain and grow of the way of Indielane.tv. We strongly support the creators and expect sponsors to do the same. No exceptions! Apart from sponsoring it will be possible to advertise, but we have strict policies to protect the creators.


Indielane.tv and profits.
Indielane.tv is a rental and dowload service. The two most important things behind our choice for a rental and downloading model are income for the creators and the increase of their independence. Advertisers and sponsors are supporters, not rulers on Indielane.tv. The public also support the community of Indielane.tv when renting or buying on out web site. 65% till 75% goes to the content providers. As the public you reward and support those who deliver the content. Rental and Downloads will be the main income for Indielane.tv in the future. Indielane.tv is and will be a standalone web site therefore free of influence from the “big players”.

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Absolutely! Please consider posting this Indielane.tv to your Facebook or Twitter, or plugging us in any other medium in which you have friends or followers. Embed all the movies you want to support Indielane.tv and all creative souls on it. Please consider non-spammy ways to get Indielane.tv mentioned on larger web sites or magazines. Be Independent! Please like us on Facebook/Twitter (links below). Please tell your friends. Anything you can do will help! And most of all keep in mind that the content providers, the creators, are helped by giving them more and more free attention on what’s to go on Indielane.tv

I have another idea, I can deliver content and/or have another question?

Feel free to contact us.