A channel devoted to discovering Indie music, movies, documentaries, series, and  a wide range of different entertainment. A website to connect and experiencing your interest in a creative independent world that’s yours to share as a creator or visitor.
Indielane.tv opens up talent to the public worldwide, starting with the Internet and live TV.

Our mission is to provide as many ways as possible to build a community touching the worldwide public to support Indie creative musicians, movie makers, artists and entertainers who either do not have enough platform to get noticed or who want to be independent to support and promote their own work and goals. Indielane.tv supports these creative souls by sharing a fair amount of income created out of catalog. We have one job: getting attention and recognition worldwide for the creatives and makers.

Indielane.tv supports and promotes these pioneers by opening a portal to connection, by generating attention and income and by creating the place where they can find their way to exactly the public they seek. All content provided will stay in full ownership of the creators in our indie community.

What is the best new Spanish indie rock band today? What Indie movie has the most influence on new young directors? Can I find new film makers with new movies? What is happening in Brazil on the streets for example, can an indie documentary maker show me the real story? Indielane.tv is designed to answer these questions and more, to help you find something new to watch or listen that is not fed to you on the mainstream media. Indielane.tv removes all borders between creators and public. Indielane.tv opens a horizon with a unique point of view.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the Indie world (maybe especially then) Indielane.tv is for you. Get out of the herd and see the cool work and people and places we have to show you! You know you want to. From cult to experimental and classic musicians, movie makers, artists and entertainers all over the world.

We, the team behind indielane.tv, are devoted and developing this website. We maintain this Internet TV channel and portal that hold infinite possibilities for enjoying the creative work of the Indielane.tv content providers.

For those who already know the indie industry, you will love this website. We will listen to your feedback and will work on the most requested indie items as well as improvements that will come along.

Everybody will have a change to step on board.

Please tell us about your project or ask your questions via our contactform.